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Some students are experiencing issues with paid access granting immediate access to workshops once payment is made.  I have put in a help ticket with NING but in the meantime, if you do not get instant access after paying for a class, please message me with your CLASS NAME, and the e-mail address you use to log into my network and I will manually set you for access.

Thanks for your patience while I work with NING to get this resolved. 


How do I access my workshop?

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing technical issues with automatic access once a class has been paid. If you do not have access after payment, please message me with the name of your class and I will manually add you. Thanks for your patience!

You may have to click on the "Join" tab.


Thanks so much for your interest in my on-line workshops! I hope you enjoy your time learning new projects and techniques. Feel free to share and ask questions!

Sign up and pay for all workshops right here. Just click on the workshop and click the "join" tab.


Journal Bound Workshop Open for Registration...

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