Every Life Has a Story

This site is now closed to new members. If you are interested in my workshops visit my new site: http://robenmariestudio.com



I have a NEW WORKSHOP SITE, where you will find all of my workshops.

Once you register for a free account on the new site, you will be able to join in on free workshops and tutorials and also pay for a workshop.

Q: Will all your past workshops be available on the new site and will I be able to access mine?
A: Yes, once you register with the new site, I will manually add you to your past workshops.

Q: How long will the workshops be available on the old site (NING)?
A: I plan to keep the old site open at least through April, giving you plenty of time to register with The Studio and get comfortable with its layout.

Q: This is a big change and very exciting so where should I start?
A: I created a Site Tour Video so that would be the best place to start.  It will explain how to navigate the site and answer many of your questions about getting started.


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