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This site is now closed to new members. If you are interested in my workshops visit my new site: http://robenmariestudio.com



I have a NEW WORKSHOP SITE, where you will find all of my workshops.

Once you register for a free account on the new site, you will be able to join in on free workshops and tutorials and also pay for a workshop.

Q: Will all your past workshops be available on the new site and will I be able to access mine?
A: Yes, once you register with the new site, I will manually add you to your past workshops.

Q: How long will the workshops be available on the old site (NING)?
A: I plan to keep the old site open at least through April, giving you plenty of time to register with The Studio and get comfortable with its layout.

Q: This is a big change and very exciting so where should I start?
A: I created a Site Tour Video so that would be the best place to start.  It will explain how to navigate the site and answer many of your questions about getting started.

Join me for my latest workshop!


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